New Aluminium Roller Shutter

Aluminium shutters cannot only offer the best protection, privacy, and control of sun and wind but also improve the aesthetics. 

People overlook the security shutters provide, but shutters keep burglaries at bay while making the space workable. 

Moreover, new aluminium roller shutters offer unsurpassed appeal and add value to homes. 

Minimal maintenance is also a bonus, with the added advantage that painting if required, is easy.

Aluminium being maintenance-friendly contributes to easy living and today’s lifestyle, which often presents challenges.

Additionally, aluminium shutters are a reasonable way to span 6.7-meter openings without the compulsory thick column or bulkhead splitting.

Not only does it not elevate the bulkhead or columns, it also ensures zero interruption of the view. 

This solution is portrayed and options communicated as home living and switch fluidly into an entertainment area when required.

Benefits of Aluminium Shutters

New aluminium roller shutters have attracted a great deal of attention lately for their functional and aesthetic appeal. 

Additionally, builders have used shutters on buildings for centuries, but the increased need for security has given them new appeal. 

If you are convinced of their many practical applications – internal doors, doorways, sliding doors, external and internal windows.

Moreover, when choosing shutters, aluminium has distinct advantages over wood, steel, and plastic.

First, it is today almost a criminal offence to use unsustainable building materials, with dire environmental impact. 

Today, more and more builders insist on aluminium, which is 100% recyclable and therefore 100% sustainable. 

Once architects and builders understand the practicality of the installation of aluminium shutters, they may never build with anything else. 

Thus, any building near West Drayton, UK can use new aluminum roller shutters.

Pre-Installation Preparation

Preparing for the aluminium shutter installation is just as important as the installation itself. This is why we highly recommend scheduling a site meeting with the installers.

If you want to make use of this service, contact the supplier well in advance to set up and confirm.

It’s normally a morning installation, and this will allow the installers to have good quality time with you.

On the morning of the installation, there are certain things that you need to do to get ready for the installers. 

Additionally, remove all window dressings and all items from the window sills, preferably the day before the installation.

Aluminium shutters hang from the top and don’t require a floor track, so you don’t need any other preparation. Do not, for any reason, peel off the stickers on the framework, open the shutters, or attempt to install them. 

Moreover, the lock on the inside is there for safekeeping of the shutters and you should not leave it off. 

Installation Process

The nature of the aluminium shutter installation process exposes several cut edges.

Start the installation by threading the top guide into the headpiece and then the bottom guide into the sill. Position the top guide firmly against the roof or structure. 

Additionally, position the top and bottom guides perpendicular to the wall. Fit aluminium brackets for offset situations, along with top and bottom hatch brackets. 

Drill shutter webs at intervals of ±250 mm before securing them to the guide. Ensure proper shutter spacing as it determines the length and grade of aluminium. 

Assemble new aluminium roller shutters using screws, shutter profile, and end caps. Ensure well-positioned holes in the operating rods for child safety.


New aluminium roller shutters simultaneously provide security, aesthetics, and sustainability, achieving harmony without compromises. 

Additionally, contamination of the guides before the installation will only make everything more difficult. 

The top-hung nature of the product eliminates the need for floor tracks, simplifying only the installation process.

Accuracy has to be the hummer person during the installation process with the correct maintenance of the required orientation. 

Furthermore, the major importance of conservation in aluminium shutter installation efficiency is that it protects you from dangerous intrusions.

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