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    Choose The Right High-Speed Shutter Door For Your Business

    Running a business takes work. You have to take care of every little detail, be it for choosing a logistics partner, front desk executive, rapid fold-up, or New high speed roll up doors. Roll-up doors are essential to maintain security, insulation and costs for your business premises.

    If you are thinking about choosing the right new roll-up doors for your commercial facility, then this blog is for you. So, read till the end to discover the three best types of roll-up doors. Contact Us!


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    High Speed Door

    High Speed Fold Up Doors

    As the name suggests, the quick fold-up doors fold up and down while opening and closing, respectively, on a command. These shutters are highly effective in managing the high pedestrian traffic and maintaining insulation.

    There are a few things you should consider before proceeding to buy high speed fold up doors. After all, it is a substantial investment, and having the right type of high-speed door for your organisation can be incredibly beneficial due to its ability to allow for increased production and the necessary protection.

    Speed with Safety

    Quick fold-up speed is the prime feature of rapid fold-up doors, and without this feature, these are similar to ordinary shutters. Quick fold-up doors are an excellent choice for saving time. They are built to survive high-traffic movements without sacrificing quality or speed, so make sure you get one that is as sturdy as it is fast. With speed comes the requirement for efficient and safe functioning. As a result, it is critical to assess what safety sensors are employed in high-speed fold up doors and their effectiveness against incoming traffic, followed by traffic within the opening.


    High Speed Roll Up Doors

    Any product that operates quickly has numerous advantages. The same is true for roller shutter, and rapid roll doors are included in the same group. Quick rolling shutters open and close three times faster than normal rolling shutters.

    Because of their springless design and high galvanised steel material component, fast-rolling doors are ideal for high-traffic building openings.

    Quick Operations

    When it comes to the operation of the rapid rolling shutters, the time for opening and closing is the most important factor. The best quality and reliable high speed roll up doors move at a speed of 2 to 2.5 metres per second. The size and location of the installation usually have an impact on the speed. A smaller internal door with fibreglass battens that open fast deals with low air pressures. Simultaneously, an external door is exposed to wind, which requires it to be more sturdy, eventually slowing it down; rapid roll door is ideal for a speedy answer.

    K Series High Speed Roll Up Doors

    In simple terms, being a K Series roll-up door means that the product is more advanced than the standard quick roll-up doors. The K series high speed roll up doors deliver self-repairing curtains equipped with the latest zipper system. The zip slides in self-lubricating polythene guides and connects to the curtain for the entire height of the door. How does it help? It prevents water from penetrating into the business premises.


    Assurance of Security

    K Series rapid shutters are increasingly routinely employed to control secure access through an entrance, whether for internal use or full security. In this case, the flexible K Series roll-up doors will give enough interior security. Choose shutters with an aluminium door blade, which is stronger and more secure than a normal roller shutter door in most circumstances.

    Note the Difference Between Commercial or Domestic Roll Up Door

    Since we are discussing choosing the K Series or standard high speed fold up doors for a business, it becomes important to understand the differences between commercial and domestic rapid roll up shutters.


    Commercial ones are costlier than the domestic roll up doors. Because of their complex design, commercial roll-up doors are frequently more expensive than residential doors. They are more expensive, but their capacity to tackle the most difficult processes pays off enormously.

    Opening and Shutting Speed

    Domestic doors are used less than commercial shutters; that’s the reason they do not need to have a quick speed. Moreover, the flow of traffic is low. Commercial doors are built to last, and they open and close significantly faster, saving your working hours.


    Although residential doors can be adjusted to a different size, size changes are usually limited. Commercial K Series high speed roll up doors give users greater size flexibility. The size of a roll-up garage door can vary greatly depending on its intended function.

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    Roller Shutter Installers rapid fold up or rolling shutters are made of rigid materials like steel or aluminium. Such material compositions make it hard for the trespassers to pass through and impose damage. Check out our range of rapid roller shutters. Are you looking for quick fold up or K series high speed roll up doors? Roller Shutter Installers in Horton Close, West Drayton is the place to be, Explore now! 



    Rapid rolling door is a type of rolling shutter designed to open and shut in less time. These shutter acts promptly, thus saving energy, regulating insulation and ensuring protection.

    If you are looking for a reliable and professional space for purchasing the best-quality rapid rolling shutters, the Roller Shutter Installers.

    The budget depends upon factors like size, design, structure, place of installation and many other minute factors. Considering all these factors can help you decide the budget for installation.

    Roller Shutter Installers deliver the best quality roller shutters at fair prices with a focus on quality. We also offer the best repair, installation and maintenance services.

    The first reason is security assurance, safeguarding from accidents, theft or vandalism. These protect your assets and belongings, thus saving a lot of hefty costs.