Sectional Overhead Doors

    About Sectional Overhead Doors

    A sectional overhead door is a kind of exit mechanism commonly found in a home or residential place. Though there are various types of doors present in the market, the sectional overhead door comes with astonishing features that set it apart from others.

    These doors are made of multiple panels aligned together with hinges, allowing them to bend and conform to a curved path while opening and closing.

    At Roller Shutter Installers, we have quality sectional overhead shutters in store for you. Choosing us to procure a sectional overhead door for your place (residential or commercial) is the wisest decision to make.

    Why Sectional Overhead Doors?

    You get whatever you need, be it strength, a long life span, efficient performance, or elegance. We have sectional overhead doors for commercial and residential needs. Here’s why you should choose sectional overheard shutter doors –

    Maximum Security

    It is one of the most secured shutter doors, thanks to its sectional structure. It is extremely hard for intruders to trespass as each panel has an individual connection to the primary door track. Additionally, these fit easily with other security devices, like ground padlocks.

    Highly Durable

    Made of rust-free and heavy materials like galvanised steel and aluminium, our sectional shutters can withstand constant wear and tear easily. Get resistance from fire and cacophony, making your place more comfortable.

    Opens Quickly

    The quicker, the better. Our shutters open quickly. A longer opening time lets the heat or cold escape from the premises. Hence, it is essential to keep the opening as short as possible. Our sectional shutters are designed to achieve the same. These don’t let the heat or cold pass.

    Do you need Roller Shutter Installation Service?

    These are available in a wide range of dimensions and styles to match your place’s aesthetics. We offer customization for colours, widths, materials, track styles, and finishing. An automatic control system makes them more convenient. You can install digital keypads, proximity sensors, radar detectors, and remote-control openers to operate easily throughout the facility. The best part is that you can install these features during or after the sectional door installation.

    Durability, versatility, and convenience come with maintenance. Sectional doors are easy to maintain and do not need complex maintenance practices. These do not break down easily due to their numerous connections. Few connections within the panels lead to falling off the tracks. But this is not the case with sectional shutters; having individual panels helps with easy repairs.

    The presence of minimal connections makes sectional shutters more cost-effective. Having fewer connections causes the door to fall off track, which leads to repairs. Since sectional shutters have individual connections, it makes them easier to repair. Moreover, these shutters are ideal for smaller spaces.

    The standard, 40mm thick door panel delivers an adequate insulation mechanism. Due to thermal breaks between the panels, heat cannot pass from one to another. For more effective insulation, an 80mm thick panel is the right choice.

    Roller Shutter Installers for Quality Sectional Overhead Doors

    Roller Shutter Installers’ sectional overhead doors are built to deliver maximum security and reliance. We create the best-in-class sectional shutters and doors to match modern industrial architecture. We provide a complete product range of sectional shutters for refreshing airflow and tightness.

    Our sectional shutters insulate the sound to a maximum but certain limit. Get appealing, tough, and sturdy industrial sectional shutters to make your residential or commercial space safer and more accessible.

    Choose Us for the Perfect Sectional Doors

    If you want sectional for your residence or business, Roller Shutter Installers has you covered. We have durable sectional overhead doors for commercial and residential use. We also provide trendy solutions for commercial and industrial operations.

    The best sectional door offers time, energy, and financial savings. After many years of research and development, we have produced an overhead door of the finest calibre. Our major concerns are sustainability and safety. For every facility and circumstance, from vehicle to loading bays, we design the ideal overhead door.

    Searching for the best and most reliable sectional shutter that increases efficiency and covers the building against cold or heat. Roller Shutter Installers’ sectional door fits into all scenarios.


    A sectional overhead door is a type of escape mechanism typically found in a home or other residential setting. These doors are comprised of numerous panels that are hinged together and may bend and conform to a curved path when opening and closing.

    These doors come with multiple variety of benefits like security, durability, cost savings and great insulation. Such doors have multiple benefits for commercial and residential premises.

    Intruders find it incredibly difficult to gain access because each panel has its own connection to the main door track. Furthermore, these are easily compatible with other security devices, such as ground padlocks.

    We built a sectional rolling shutter with the standard 40mm thick panel which allows better insulation. The thermal breaks between the panels do not allow the heat to pass.

    You do not have to worry about the maintenance of sectional rolling shutters. Just connect with Rolling Shutter Installers and let them maintain your rolling shutters.

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