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    Aluminium Roller Shutters - Compact, Powerful and Durable

    A whitish and silvery metal, aluminium is one of the most versatile metals, with various applications and benefits. It is used for the majority of the products around us, like cans, beer kegs, utensils, and much more. One of the useful aluminium products is aluminium roller shutters.

    These shutters are most versatile and flexible, thanks to aluminium. Such shutters are ideal for industries requiring good insulation, reliable and easy operations, and durability. If you are looking for such qualities, our aluminium shutters are the perfect choice.

    Benefits of Aluminium Roller Shutters

    These shutters come with a wide range of benefits, from security to flexibility. Let’s see why these are perfect for a roller shutter.

    Maximum Security and Protection

    Since aluminium is the basic material used in its production, it is a more secure and protective choice among shutters. Aluminium is the most sturdy and strong metal. It gets extremely difficult for a trespasser to break the aluminium window roller shutters.

    Complete Insulation

    Apart from being the strongest metal, aluminium is really good at insulation. For instance, you have just installed a centralised air conditioning unit at your warehouse, but your shutter is not able to insulate the cool air. It leads to nothing but high energy costs. Whereas the aluminium shutters do not let the heat or light pass out from the premises, keeping a comfy environment.

    Reduces Noise Pollution

    People living around an industrial area often complain about noise pollution. In such a scenario, it becomes the responsibility of the business owners to reduce it. Aluminium roller shutters can be extremely helpful in such a case. How? They do not let the noise pass out of the business facilities.


    Aluminium shutters function well with low maintenance as they do not require investment in repairs and servicing. These are easy to clean and operate, which makes them a convenient and reliable option for residential and commercial spaces.

    Do you need Roller Shutter Installation Service?

    Manual or Electric Operation, We Have Both!

    Stay assured of the quality when you are dealing with Roller Shutter Installers in Hayes On top of that, if you are looking for manually or automatically operated aluminium shutters, then we are the right choice. Let’s understand the differences between these aluminium roller shutters so that you can choose the right one!

    It is quite simple; the manual roller shutter comes with a handle or pull strap to operate, whereas the electric shutter is operated using a switch or remote control. Talking about the costs, manual ones are much cheaper than automatic ones, including installation and maintenance. Remember, manual shutters need your muscle effort as you work with a handle or a pull strap to operate. A manual mode of operation is not a suitable option for large or heavy shutters. On the contrary, automatic shutters are more convenient when it comes to operations. First, you can easily operate them from a distance, and second, you do not need to put much effort into using them as the remote control would do all the work. Electric aluminium window roller shutters are more expensive and need a reliable electrical connection or wiring.

    Roller Shutter Installers - Leading Roller Shutters

    We are the leading aluminium roller shutter installation, repair, and maintenance service provider in London. We have the best-quality aluminium shutters in inventory. Our products are capable of satisfying all your requirements related to economic options, security, and comfort. Our roller shutters are created using state-of-the-art and latest engineering technology. You are at the right place for top-grade and performance roller shutters.

    Expert and Experienced Technicians

    We invest in our technicians’ training with the aim of keeping them skilled with the changing engineering techniques. Considering the same, we provide annual training to our technicians, engineers, and executives to deliver the best.

    Our technicians are skilled in the manufacturing and installation of aluminium roller shutters. We follow international standards to create the best product on the market. We were able to manufacture rolling shutters at a competitive price because of innovations in our manufacturing methods.

    Our aluminium shutters are ideal for:


    The main reason why an aluminium rolling shutter can be your ideal choice is its durability and flexibility. Install it and get maximum security, increase insulation and reduce noise pollution.

    These are easy to install at almost any opening. They are typically put above doors, windows, and serving hatches where security and fire protection are critical.

    Although certain information like mode of operation or fitting style is required to provide an accurate cost, the price of aluminium roller shutters is normally determined per square metre using the height and breadth of the aperture or window.

    The mechanics of the action are the same whether the system is manual or automatic: when the door is closed, the lath or curtain that occupies the opening is fastened to a barrel at the top of the opening.

    Aluminium roller shutters can range from being a deterrent to being practically impenetrable by even the most powerful tool sets, depending on the shutter you choose.

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