Fire Rated Roller Shutters

    About Fire-Resistant Roller Shutters

    As its name suggests, a fire roller shutter ensures safety against fire. These shutters work like traditional skin rolling shutters, but the major difference is the type of material used and the type of fixing. These are created to stay open in usual situations and close in the case of fire accidents, which helps avoid the widespread fire in nearby areas.

    These shutters are the first quick response to such accidents and are proven to save human lives. These are a masterpiece of genius engineering, as their adjoining links melt at 68 degrees Celsius, which pushes the shutters to automatically close during the fire accident.

    We, at Rolling Shutter Installers in Horton Close, West Drayton, Greater London, offer fire rolling shutters using cutting-edge technology and in accordance with the requirements of British and European standards for openings that need a two- to four-hour fire rating.

    Which One to Choose?

    Each fire-resistant shutter has its own applications, benefits, and features. You need to consider everything about them before making a final decision. If you are confused about which one to choose, let us help you out.


    A budget is important. More important is not to exceed its limit. Hence, you need to consider the cost of a rolling shutter. The cost might vary depending on the features. One key feature that helps to distinguish and make a better decision, i.e. mode of operation. Manual and built-in automation are two such modes.

    If you want to keep your costs as low as possible, then a manual fire roller shutter is the right choice. At the same time, if you need a shutter with a quick response time and less effort, then go for the automatic one.


    Who does not want it? Everybody seeks it, and in fact, ensuring maximum security is the reason why rolling shutters are in demand. Talking about fire-resistant shutters, ensure security against fire accidents. If you need the promise of maximum security, then select the exterior roller shutters made of aluminium.

    Integration with External Solutions

    Our fire-rated shutters easily integrate with external control solutions like face recognition, temperature checks, smoke detectors, fire alarms, proximity cards, etc. It minimises contact while complying with safety norms in extremely risk-prone areas.

    High Insulation

    Since their prime duty is to not let the fire spread to adjoining areas, fire-rated rolling shutters are highly insulative. Install them in fire-accident-prone areas and save your business premises. Made of steel, these are as strong as Hulk. These act as a high-rise wall against fire.

    It’s simple to choose fire-resistant roller shutters in Greater London that meet your needs and your budget at Roller Shutter Installers, one of the leading fire-rated rolling shutter installers and suppliers. You now understand that the selection procedure is solely dependent on applications.

    To choose the best option for your home or office building, we urge you to do your homework and ask lots of questions. Whatever you need, Roller Shutter Installers has it for you.

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    Features of Our Fire-Rated Rolling Shutters

    Let’s talk about some of the key and essential features of our fire-resistant rolling shutters.

    Where can you Install the Fire Roller Shutters?

    Maintain constant protection with an exterior fire roller shutter door if the building’s interior is made of fireproof or fire-retardant materials. Fire doors installed inside the structure provide useful barriers that give inhabitants more time to safely evacuate in the event of a fire.

    Anywhere that flames could spread, installing fire doors would increase safety while still complying with building regulations. Think about the following places:

    Exits of the Building

    An effective barrier against oncoming flames and flames spreading from within is a building's exterior. Fire-rated steel doors are used to maintain the protective barrier.

    Building’s Elevators

    Elevators act as chimneys during fires; fueling the fire and installing a fire roller shutter are helpful. Elevator smoke shields limit the spread of fire and smoke and lessen structural damage by preventing smoke and other gases from passing through the shaft.


    Commercial counters can be vulnerable, but not if they are properly closed off and equipped with countertops. For enhanced security and safety, we provide fire-rated counter shutters with fire-rated countertops in various finishes.


    Some shutters are made of materials that are resistant to fire. The shutters can be lowered in the event of a fire, compartmentalising it, protecting individuals inside, and assisting in halting its spread.

    Our fire-resistant rolling shutters are cost-effective, built with the best quality, integrated with external solutions and top of all these are highly insulating.

    To maximize the security, you can install the fire-resistant rolling shutter on building exits, counters and elevators. These work as the best solution for the premises prone to fire accidents.

    Our rolling shutters are loaded with multiple features like high quality, available in various styles, and powder coated with different tailored colour combinations. Our shutters have a ‘Single Push Button’, a built-in ‘Auto-close function, useful for fire accidents.

    Consider budget, security, integration with external solutions and insulation to choose the best. Just connect with us and take home the best quality rolling shutters.

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